The 5th International Intelligent Sports Congress

5th International Intelligent Sports Congress

Date: 2023/5/19

The 5th International Intelligent Sports Conference kicked off today in Tianjin, introducing innovative projects in the realm of intelligent sports. One highly anticipated event is the "Simulated Bicycle Race," which has captivated the attention of a vast audience. As a proud partner in this competition, Mosso is honored to be involved.

The Simulated Bicycle Race allows participants to experience virtual cycling races through cutting-edge technology. By navigating virtual racecourses, riders can immerse themselves in a realistic cycling experience, tackling diverse terrains and environments. Mosso is delighted to be a partner in this event, providing participants with diverse experiences and combining sports with technology to introduce a fresh approach to fitness.

Mosso is excited to be part of this prestigious competition, offering participants an exhilarating and competitive race experience. By merging sports and technology, Mosso aims to provide a novel way of engaging in physical activities, bringing a new dimension to the world of sports.