Mosso do what you think.

Founded in 1986

We have the perfect bike for every individual person. Matching their needs, preferences and intended use. Driven by the aspiration to get the most out of every bike, we continuously seek to improve materials, refine construction and optimize processes. Our engineers strive to improve every details. Our experience of manufacturing aluminum 7005 and 7046 frames has been admired by plenty of racers. We are endeavoring to build you the most amazing machine, something you will simply love and on which you will experience the ride of your lives.

Woeifong Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, Taichung Taiwan. For over 20 years we have been devoted to developing advanced application and manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy. We design and supply bicycle frames and forks for well-know bicycle brands.

Agile and stylish designer

Mosso was created in 1996 with the intention of delivering extremely light, strong and modem bicycle frames. MOSSO has been acknowledged by riders world side for their agile and stylish designers.

The China manufacturing site was completed in 2000 and is located Shenzhen City, China. Using the most advanced manufacturing processes available and experienced engineers we design, tube , form, weld, heat-treat and assemble all our products from start to finish. Our EN test centre ensure perfect quality of innovative designs along with professional manufacturing capabilities.

Grasp life by the handlebars.