MOSSO TEAM Home Run Champion , Second , Third Place

Are you ready ?

Let's race !

Let's race GO!

Start to race with good racer !

Come on !

Add more water !

Mosso Team!

Keep Following behind the First place


The Final run !

Mosso The Champion !

Mosso The Champion !

Mosso The Second Third place !

Mosso The best Team Work adward !

Mosso The best Team Work adward !

With Coach !

Kyle Ward racer and Mosso Racer !

Cycle Game Picture

We are Mosso Team !

The Biggest Mountain Bike Event in China. There are Four stage. This summer season . Mosso China team have won the whole level in Mountain Game. We Won ...
the best " TEAM WORK "
"THIRD PLACE" ! Wonderful " HOME RUN "

In the game , there are so many good racers from other countries. Australia ,New Zealand.... It was very hard to bit them. We need to race for 6 run. One run is 9km . One the Third run . Our Mosso racer took a fast move . Passing the first place . We continue stay in the First place.

First and Second has 5 min Time difference. Even the Second and Third place are still Mosso Team ! If we have won the Team score in the highest . We will win the Champion Mercedes-benz !!
MOSSO Number One Bicycle Team !!! We are the Champion , My friend !

Picture from MOSSO - Jade Huang